Netvoip/Nexphone Reseller guidance for Operator Number Portability in the Swiss telephony network.


1  Introduction

As required by ComCom Regulations, telecommunications service providers (TSPs) in Switzerland must offer their subscribers the option of retaining the same telephone number should they wish to change telecommunications service provider (Operator Number Portability).
This netvoip/Nexphone Reseller guidance explains the process of Number Portability for telephone services, based on the fixed network (ISDN/PSTN/VoIP/DDI) within the Swiss telecommunications network as regulated in Teldas Operator Number Portability (ONP) Document for Implementation.

1.1  General requirements and specifications

NPRN 98019 - Nexphone AG
PoA Email address:
Reseller Portal Email Notification sender:

Number format
The valid phone number format is 0XX1234567 (National).

Working Days / Hours
Working Days are Monday to Friday less Swiss National Holidays. Official working hours are 08:00 to 17:00. The ONP process is based on working days (wd) calculation.

Synchronisation between Reseller Portal and Teldas INet-Server
The data synchronisation between Reseller Portal and Teldas INet-Server runs once at every full hour (xx:00). 

General steps Number Portability
1 - Subscriber request for Number Portability 
2 - Recipient service provider issues a Workorder for ONP
3 - Donor sends an acknowledgement within 2 working days (accept or reject)
4 - Recipient sends Synchronisation 1 - 3 workingdays before Porting date/time (automated process for number port-in)
5 - Recipient and Donor make the Activation / Deactivation / Routing at Porting date/time (automated process)
6 - Recipient sends the Handover after Porting date/time (automated process for number port-in)

1.2  Definition of Terms

Donor service provider
The Donor service provider is the service provider to which the subscriber was connected before the change of telecommunications service provider. The term DONOR as used in this guidance means the Donor Service Provider.

Number Range Holder
The Number Range Holder (NRH) is the service provider to which the subscriber was connected to before the first number portability to another telecommunications service provider. Therefore the subscriber phone number will always belong to the number range of the Number Range Holder.

Number Portability Routing Numbers NPRN (Verbindungsteuerungsadresse)
An address, which is allocated to a portable number by a TSP in order that calls can be routed correctly to a RECIPIENT service provider. The network routing address cannot be dialled by the subscriber and clearly identifies a telecommunications service provider nation-wide. The NPRN is allocated by OFCOM and has the format 98xxx for Switzerland.

Public Holidays
Public holidays are usually the Swiss national holidays. Local holidays are not taken into account and should therefore be taken into consideration by the Operators additionally when a porting request is linked to a line transfer.

Recipient service provider
The Recipient service provider is the service provider to which the subscriber will be connected after the 
number portability. The term RECIPIENT as used in this guidance means the Recipient Service Provider. 

Legal entity having signed the service agreement with the TSP for the usage of the telephone number to be ported (customer of the TSP). 

TSP INet-Server
The Teldas TSP Inet-Server contains the centralised offline database for ONP which records all ported Swiss numbers data. It manages all concerning aspects of the number portability process between the TSPs. 

TSP Inet-Server Order-ID of number port request. Unique for each number port request.

1.3  General Rules and Timing of the Process

1.3.1  Power of Attorney (PoA) 

The Recipient must possess a Power of Attorney with valid signature(s) from the relevant Subscriber. Signature verification for companies as per Zefix source (
The PoA is required for a new number port request always.
The valid date for the given notice on the subscriber's contract is the date of signature on the PoA. 
The PoA remains valid for a maximum period of 1 month following the subscriber’s next contract expiring date at his existing operator. Example: PoA signed on 5.02.2021, subscriber under contract until 30.06.2021, PoA valid until 31.07.2021.
If not stated else way in a mutual agreement between Recipient and Donor: The Recipient must send a copy of the PoA to the Donor electronically within 4 working hours after the Workorder has been initiated in Teldas INet.

For port out requests we have an appropriate bilateral agreement for not sending the PoA at every workorder for Connection Type PSTN/ISDN with below NRPNs. When a PoA is needed the POA must be provided by the Recipient service provider within 4 working hours upon request. Please contact the netvoip/Nexphone Support team to request a PoA when needed.

NPRN 98010 - Swisscom (Schweiz) AG
NPRN 98014 - Sunrise UPC GmbH (ex Sunrise)
NPRN 98031 - Sunrise UPC GmbH (ex upc Business)
NPRN 98045 - Sunrise UPC GmbH (ex upc)
NPRN 98048 - Sunrise UPC GmbH (ex upc)

Note that in case the subscriber has given notice by written form directly to his current operator prior to signing the PoA, the notice period as per first acknowledgment by the Donor should be retained to define the end of contract porting date.

1.3.2  Period of Notice and any minimum subscription time period / early termination fee

Case 1 - Subscriber wants to respect contract end date to avoid paying any penalties at the Donor:
Workorder must be initiated with the field PoA Type = Respect contract end date. In case the Recipient enters a wish date and it is before the end of the notice period, the Donor must reject it if a penalty would be applied to the subscriber. The rejection reason code 7 is to be used.

Case 2 - Subscriber wants to port as soon as possible, even if penalties are to be paid at the Donor:
Workorder must be initiated with the field PoA Type = Early termination penalty. The Donor can’t reject the Workorder for the reason that the wish date is before the end of the notice period.

Workorders with a desired porting date more than 280 working days after the issuance date of the Workorder will not be accepted by the INet-Server.

The valid date for the given notice on the subscriber's contract is the date of signature on the PoA. When a valid PoA has been received, the termination of the contract remains valid even in the case of a rejection of the porting request. In the case of a re-issued PoA, the date of the first PoA remains valid except in the case of a wrong telephone number.

The number shall be reserved for 30 calendar days after the end of the notice period. During this period the number can be reactivated if required by the former owner of the number. Porting requests initiated during this period have to be accepted as if the number was still active.

1.3.3  Timing of the processes

The minimal time to be expected for PSTN/ISDN, DDI porting is 7 working days.

Acknowledgement Accept / Reject: The Donor must accept or reject the Workorder within 2 working days. When it proves necessary to reject a Workorder, the Donor must give the reason(s) for rejection of a workorder and when required additional details in the free text description field. If no acknowledgement has been made within the defined time, the Workorder will be considered as having timeout status.

When the Recipient has not filled in the Porting date field, the Donor has the possibility to accept the workorder filling in the Porting date with the contract end date. This is to be used when the field “PoA Type” is set to “Respect contract end date”. Note that the Donor is allowed (but not obliged!) to reject the workorder in case the Porting date would be too far in the future (>280 wd). 

1.3.4  Authorised Reason for rejection from the Donor

Hereafter the list of reject reasons which can be used and the type of information the Donor needs to provide within the free text description field. Note that the Donor is not allowed to reject a request on the grounds that the subscriber has unpaid outstanding bills. Even if the Donor has deactivated or suspended the number or even cancelled the subscriber contract, the porting must be granted within 30 calendar days after contract end date.

NrReject ReasonFree text descriptionComment
1Forename or/and Family Name/Company Name incorrectAdd in the free text the correct subscriber data.
2Type and Telephone Number mismatch
Incorrect connection type
7The desired porting date is out of rangeThe contract cancellation date must be provided.This reject reason can only be used if the wish date has been filled by the Recipient
8Power of Attorney has not been received by the Donor within the required provisioning time

9Power of Attorney is incomplete/incorrectDetails of missing/incomplete fields must be given
10Power of Attorney is not signed 

13Disconnect Date too far backThe contract cancellation date must be providedThis reject reason cannot be used if the number was disconnected < 30 calendar days
0OthersA detailed free text description of the reasons for rejection must always be given.If contract end date > 280 days, the contract end date must be provided.

2  Number portability - Port in

2.1  Submit New Number Port request (Port in)

A request for number portability (Workorder) to the Donor service provider of the number can be started by creating a New Subscription

#DescriptionReseller Portal

Open Customers & Subscriptions > Customers. Click on New Subscription.

Do not use Customer create in order to submit a number port request. 

2Click on Wholesale Trunk (COMPANY-WHO-TRUNK).

3Click on step 3 > Transfer Numbers.

4Activate the checkbox Yes, I want to transfer phonenumbers.


Fill in the required data of existing phone number(s) in tab Details and upload the PoA document.

  • Single Phonenumbers (PSTN/ISDN) or A unitary number range (DDI). Explanation below.
  • Number(s) to be ported
  • As soon as possible = Donor will set the next possible number port date. Per Date = Set the desired number port wish date.
  • Porting Time at working hours Monday to Friday 08:00 to 17:00
  • Connection-Type Analogous or ISDN or DDI
  • Full Transfer = Terminate the phone service with current provider. Might also cancel related services such as TV and Internet. Partial Transfer = Other phone numbers and services are kept with current provider whenever technically possible.
  • Respect contract period = Regular termination date allowed by the current contract. Do not respect the contract period = Early termination fee may apply from the current provider due to the early termination of the contract.
  • Date of PoA = The valid date for the given notice on the subscriber's contract is the date of signature on the PoA.

Leave the field PoA signed by empty. Signature name(s) must be filled in tab Alternate Subscriberaddress.
Do not activate Immediately activate as outgoing signaling number.

Number port request of 1 single PSTN/ISDN/VoIP number

Checkbox Single Phonenumbers > Select Connection type Analogous for number port request of 1 single PSTN/ISDN/VoIP number.

Number port request of up to 10 PSTN/ISDN/VoIP numbers

Checkbox Single Phonenumbers > Select Connection type ISDN for number port request of up to 10 PSTN/ISDN/VoIP numbers.

The following requirements must be met: All numbers belong to the same Subscriber and are under the same contract, all numbers are ported at the same exact time.

Number port request of 1 DDI number range

Checkbox A unitary number range > Select Connection type DDI for number port request of 1 DDI number range. The DDI range must always be a multiple of one decade (Min 10 numbers, starting with xxx0 and ending with xxx9).

  • Startnumber = lowest number (xxx0)
  • Endnumber = highest number (xxx9)
  • Main Number = lowest number (xxx0)


Click on tab Alternate Subscriberaddress > Activate use alternative Subscriberaddress and fill in the customer data of legal owner of the number(s) according to PoA > Confirm

  • Firstname and Lastname must be used for name of signature on the PoA
  • Company name is mandatory for business customers only

If 2 signature names are needed on the PoA - especially for companies - one full name must be entered in the field Firstname and the second full name must be entered in the field Lastname.


Review number port request > Submit Order

Leave the field Desired Date of Setup /Change empty.

7Wait for acknowledgement email notification of ACCEPT or REJECT by the Donor service provider.

2.2  Number Port request failed (Port in)

Whenever a number port request cannot reach Teldas INet-Server due to an invalid request, no Workorder-ID is handed out. The port request will fall in status failed.

#DescriptionReseller Portal

Open Number Portings > Erronous > Edit the failed Workorder


Check Error message of failed number port request. Porting request data (except of phone numbers) can be modified and request can be resent (Retry last Action). 

In case of cancel a failed number port request please contact the netvoip/Nexphone Support team.

2.3  Workorder Accepted (Port in) 

#DescriptionReseller Portal

As soon as the Workorder has been acknowledged to status ACCEPT, the number will be ported at shown transfer date and time. No further action required to complete the number portability request.

Open Number Portings > All Portings > Search Workorder-ID or Number in text for phonenumbers. The Workorder status is shown in search result.

2.4  Workorder Rejected (Port in) 

#DescriptionReseller Portal

Open Number Portings > Erronous > Edit the rejected Workorder

When a Workorder has been rejected, the Workorder must be canceled or represented within 3 working days. 


Check Reject Reason of rejected number port request. > Cancel or Represent workorder

2.5  Represent Workorder (Port in) 

#DescriptionReseller Portal

Correct data in the same Workorder (except of phone numbers) > Save > Click on Represent
for re-send it to the Donor. 

A Represent Workorder must be issued by the Recipient within 3 working days after the Reject 
Message. Failing this, the order will be automatically cancelled by the system (Workorder Status Autocancel/CANCEL_L).

2.6  Cancel Workorder (Port in) 

#DescriptionReseller Portal

Click on Cancel Transfer.

The Recipient can cancel the Workorder in the period between issuing the Workorder and sending the Synchronisation Message. After the SYNC, standard cancellation by the Recipient is not possible anymore. An emergency cancel is possible if agreed by the Donor. In this case please contact the netvoip/Nexphone Support team.

A Workorder Represent cannot be made after a Cancel Order. Only a completely new Workorder can follow after cancel.

3  Number portability - Port out

A number port out request in status NEW or REPRESENT must be acknowledged within 2 working days (accept or reject).

3.1  Accept Workorder (Port out)

#DescriptionReseller Portal
1Open Number Portings > Pending Outbound. Click on Edit to ACCEPT the Workorder.


Verify subscriber data in Tab General and Address. > Verify Porting date and PoA (if required) > Click on Accept > review porting date > do not cancel subscription > Click on OK to accept the Workorder. 
No further action required to complete the number portability request at porting date and time.

When Workorder has been iniated with empty Porting date (Earliest possible Date requested), you are required to set the next possible porting date within the accept.

Do not cancel the subscription for any Port out request because a subscription contains all or several of your activated numbers.

3.2  Reject Workorder (Port out)

#DescriptionReseller Portal
1Open Number Portings > Pending Outbound. Click on Edit to REJECT the Workorder.


Verify subscriber data in Tab General and Address. > Verify Porting date and PoA (if required) > Click on Reject > Select the reject reason and fill in the comment in field Remarks > Click on OK to reject the Workorder. 

List of Authorised Reason for rejection

After REJECT the Workorder must either be canceled or represented (correct the same Workorder and re-send) by the recipient service provider.

4  Timeout Fault Management (for late validation by the Donor)

When the Donor does not react within the specified or agreed time to accept/reject a Workorder, the process falls into a timeout status called ‘Timeout A’ for 4 working hours.
If the time limit of ‘Timeout A’ expires without sending the required message, the timeout status will change to ‘Timeout B’ for 1 working day. 
If ‘Timeout B’ expires, the timeout status will change to ‘Timeout H’.
If  ‘Timeout H’ expires, the Workorder will be canceled (Cancel H).

Note that SLA penalties occur for a Timeout.

It is not possible to handle a workorder that has fallen into Timeout via the Reseller Portal. Please contact the netvoip/Nexphone Support team to handle a Workorder in status Timeout. 

5  Abbreviations

BAKOM/OFCOMBundesamt für Kommmunikation (Federal office for communication)
ComComComCom Federal Commission for Communication
DDIDirect Dialling In (min 10 consecutive numbers, with PBX)
ISDNIntegrated Service Digital Network
NPRNNumber Portability Routing Number
NRHNumber Range Holder
ONPOperator Number Portability
PoAPower of Attorney
PSTNPublic Switched Telephone Network
TSPTelecommunication Service Provider
VoIPVoice over IP
WdWorking days

6  Template - Power of Attorney for porting of phone number(s)

PoA LanguageWordPDF