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A number port out request in status NEW or REPRESENT must be acknowledged within 2 working days (accept or reject).
In case you require to receive the PoA from the Recipient provider, you can reject the Workorder with reject reason 14. The Recipient is then obliged to send the PoA.

3.1  Accept Workorder (Port out)

#DescriptionReseller Portal
1Open Number Portings > Pending Outbound. Click on Edit to ACCEPT the Workorder.


Verify subscriber data in Tab General and Address. > Verify Porting date > Click on Accept > review porting date > do not cancel subscription > Click on OK to accept the Workorder.  
No further action required to complete the number portability request at porting date and time.


When Workorder has been iniated with empty Porting date (Earliest possible Date requested), you are required to set the next possible porting date within the accept.


Do not cancel the subscription for any Port out request because a subscription contains all or several of your activated numbers.